Your Call Center is Wasting Your Leads!

How much would your company grow if your call center lead conversion was 15% higher?

Convert More of Your Leads into Sales

We give you the advantage of :

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Close 15-25% More Leads

Our proprietary agent selection and continuous sales coaching process gives our clients a clear advantage. We close 15-25% more leads than many of our in house call centers.

Large call centers struggle to be selective about agents because of the scale of their recruiting/agent replacement burden.

Your marketing will perform better when your calls convert better.

You need a call center that is Sales Focused.

We don't take customer service calls. Our agents are lions who love to sell. All they want is more volume of inbound calls and forms to help you succeed with your growth marketing.

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Our Winning Strategy Includes:

Expert Agent Selection - Our phone agents are more predisposed to sell and close. We screen for persistence and reward on conversion.

Robust Staffing - Call answering is a key lever in improving conversion. This allows us to answer the phone faster and keep abandon rates low.

Script & Response Testing - We test and measure the sales scripts and call flow to improve lead conversion.

Comprehensive Dashboarding- You get to see your program in real-time with all the KPIs to ensure how well we’re converting.

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