Response Mine Interactive Rebrands its CPA Division as RMI Fusion™

Atlanta, Georgia – May 30, 2019

Response Mine Interactive (RMI) digital marketing agency is excited to announce they are changing the name of their Cost Per Acquisition group from “CPA” to RMI Fusion.

“Renaming RMI CPA to RMI Fusion marks the next phase of evolution in our drive to create new customers for home and health related clients,” said Brent Wheeler, founding partner and EVP. “And although ‘CPA’ does seem to be a sensible moniker for the phrase ‘cost-per-acquisition,’ it’s more frequently understood to be an accounting title. RMI Fusion simply fits as a name because we fuse together media, marketing, call center and analytics in order to generate new customers for our clients. We wanted to create a brand identity that helped us demonstrate all that we do in delivering these new customers.”

RMI Fusion branched out beyond digital marketing in 2011 when they added an in-house call center, Direct Response Television and direct mail. In doing so, they realized far greater conversion rates in landing new customers for their clients; and they have been honing their conversion rate tactics for the last eight years. Fusion’s closed-loop acquisition system uses RMI Fusion owned brands & web properties to generate leads and sales through a series of marketing channels that span the gamut of media (e.g. DRTV, Paid Search, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Social (and even programmatic direct mail)).

Today the elite, 45-seat call center is an integral element of the fusion network of new customer acquisition and patient procurement. And it is a dominant reason that RMI Fusion consistently creates tens of millions of dollars for its partners in the home services and healthcare categories.

RMI Fusion is managed by RMI Partner & EVP Brent Wheeler. More information can be found at the corporate website