RMI Fusion™ Launches Pay-for-Performance-Only Model for Call Center Services

RMI Fusion™ Launches Pay-for-Performance-Only Model for Call Center Services 

Atlanta, Georgia – April 30, 2020

RMI Fusion, a subsidiary of Response Mine Interactive, announced this week its plans to launch a pay-for-performance-only business model for its outsourced call center service offering.

RMI Fusion believes strongly in performance-based business models. In fact, the organization is putting a stake in the ground and applying a pay-for-performance methodology to its own call center operation service offerings.

“Beginning on May 1, we will execute our business in the call center by only working on a cost-per-acquisition business model and getting paid for closed sales or set appointments in our call center services,” explains EVP and managing partner Brent Wheeler.

Most businesses’ outsourced call center service models are billed by contact, by seat or by the hour/minute.

Rather than conforming to this traditional approach, however, RMI Fusion’s call center business model now focuses on outcomes and producing sales and/or appointments for clients.

Last year, the RMI Fusion call center piloted a pay-for-performance program at scale for a particular client; RMI Fusion was paid only for closed sales after cancellations. “This model provided a lift in conversion rates of sales by more than 20% over the client’s own internal call center operations and other external outsourced call center partners they worked with,” says Eric Rehm, vice president of operations.

“It’s not just about answering the 30,000+ phone calls monthly or calling people back,” continues Rehm. “It’s about closing sales, setting appointments and getting paid for those outcomes. Nothing else really matters in a sales environment”, explains Rehm.

As a direct-to-consumer customer acquisition firm, RMI Fusion provides a comprehensive marketing approach in which their call center works in tandem with an advanced analytics team, acquiring customers for its partners strictly on a pay-for-performance basis.

Now they are applying that same methodology to clients who are looking to improve call center-only business processes through an outsourced partner.

RMI Fusion is managed by RMI Partner and EVP Brent Wheeler. Wheeler has pioneered customer and patient acquisition programs for Back Pain Centers of America, Aetna, Terminix, Trugreen, Home Depot and American Home Shield.

More information about the RMI Fusion team and its programs can be found at www.rmifusion.com.

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